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Adjustments for growing feet

Part of the motties design is to be as long lasting as possible. Obviously children's feet grow over time, so kids and baby motties have a piece of elastic to allow for this.  It's possible to lengthen or shorten this if you need to alter the fit as ankles become chubbier or feet longer (or if they're a bit loose to start off with).

To Lengthen Elastic

You will need two longer pieces of elastic.  You can buy these in the motties shop here, or find some in a haberdashers (look for a wide, strong elastic that won't dig in too much). 

  1. Feed the existing elastic round until you find the knot.
  2. Tie one end of the new elastic to the existing elastic beside the knot.
  3. Feed both pieces all the way round and hold both ends of the new elastic in your hand.
  4. Cut the old elastic and remove.
  5. Tie a knot in the new elastic allowing for a looser fit. 

To Shorten Elastic

  1. Feed the existing elastic round until you find the knot.
  2. Holding the elastic carefully so it doesn't ping back through the channel, cut out the knot.
  3. Re-tie.