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Hygge: How to fall in love with Autumn


Hygge: How to fall in love with Autumn

Alexa Mottram

I love this time of year! Are you grieving the passing of summer? Hear me out!

The blackberries and rosehips in the hedges! The sparkling artwork of spiders! The earthy freshness in the morning, and the twinkle in the evening! The daylight has a different quality to the rest of the year - it’s soft and golden, like a sigh.

It’s also because I am a local-foodie and a gardener: Autumn has an abundance, a generosity. I love harvesting plums from our local community orchard - they’re like strings of lanterns in the trees, ruby and purple and golden. I love the local organic gardeners’ apple day, and the communal chopping and juicing of this year’s fruit!

I make pumpkin pie. I used to run cooking groups at the children’s centre, and I would let the little ones grind the spices and mash the fresh ginger - it’s easy and delightful. Now I do this at home each year, for my own enjoyment and the wonderful smell!

One thing I’ve had since my eldest child was born is an Autumn box. It’s where the jumpers and hats and scarves get stashed at the end of Spring. And also certain treasures that I keep for the Autumn - candles and candle arbres, certain seasonal picture books, and objects that that don’t survive the Spring cleaning! The smell of last winter’s sweet spicey pomanders scent the entire contents.

I open it when school’s back. I love the new school year. Maybe it is the Hermione Granger in me - the smell of fresh parchment and all that! - and shaking off the boredom of the long holidays. I like getting into the groove of the weekly rhythms of life and work, I like new projects, new ideas.

Autumn has a new energy. The long, restless days of summer contract: it’s still light when I get up in the morning, but now dark when I want to snuggle down at night. I like cwtshing up (thank you, Welsh language for that most descriptive of words) with my darlings in the dark evenings under a blanket in front of a film. And it’s dark when I take my little one to bed. Sleep is good!

I love togging up my little one, now the big ones are back at school, and going out together crunching through the dry horse chestnut leaves, looking for conkers and fir cones for the fire, and I love his little rosy cheeks!

And I like wearing clothes myself! I like a wool jumper and leather boots, I like wearing my scarf in the wind and feeling like Le Petit Prince!

Five lovely ways to get into Autumn:

  1. Listen to Martha Tilston’s Stag’s Bellow

  2. Go hedgerow harvesting.If you’ve missed the blackberries where you live this year, harvest sloes to make some sloe gin.

  3. Find your motties. Put them on. Feel happy and cosy. Do they need a little tlc?

  4. As the light fades outside, light the fires inside. If you don’t have a fire, a candle will do.

  5. Make pumpkin pie. Using fresh spices, obviously.

What lovely things do you do at this time of year? Share the love with us on social media @mottiesUK #motties

Laura Stratford