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United Kingdom

Materials + Process

Sustainability is a key component of motties. They are made entirely from reclaimed materials, mostly offcuts from the upholstery industry. This material is repurposed into a pair of slippers without any further input of non-renewable energy. I have two sewing machines; one is powered by solar electricity, the other by treadle. As the offcuts are varied and often in small quantities, every pair of motties is unique.

Each part of motties is carefully designed. The leather is durable and has a small amount of give for comfort and fit. The wool lining provides warmth to the slippers, and suede provides important grip. The natural materials* are less sweaty, providing a more comfortable environment for your feet. 

I believe in respecting these materials, as they have all come from the earth in some way and should be valued accordingly. As the making of motties was originally inspired by the idea of reducing waste, responsible manufacturing is at the core values that their design is based on. 

I use as much of the leather as possible to make slippers, carefully considering how I layout templates and utilising smaller pieces for the kid's slippers. I compost the remaining scraps of leather, cotton and wool with the ultimate aim of growing new material to make other products with. Incorporating this cyclical thinking is integral to my design process as a sustainable maker. 

motties are not mass-produced or made in a sweat shop. I make each pair by hand in my workshop, but there’s little difference between what I do and someone working in a factory in Bangladesh. I believe that all makers should be paid a fare wage and not treated like machines.

*Please note not ALL the offcuts are natural materials.