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36 Macaulay Dr
Lincoln, LN2 4ED
United Kingdom

The Motties Story

While working in a furniture company, I realised all the leather offcuts were being discarded and ending up in landfill. As a product designer who is passionate about sustainability I was inspired to do something with this material. Soon after, I made my first pair of slippers and named them motties.

Over the past five years, motties has grown organically as a business, building up a strong and loyal customer base. motties have been featured in the Guardian, the Telegraph and the Independent, but most of my business comes through happy feet and word of mouth.

By keeping motties small and independent, I can be flexible and experimental in my approach. I enjoy exploring different ideas about product ownership, and creating a different relationship between maker and user. The contact with my customers often continues for years as people send their slippers back for repair, or order pairs for family and friends.

Most of all, making motties makes me happy! I love finishing a pair, and seeing how individual and unique they turns out - it’s always a lovely surprise.