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Motties are designed to last a long time, but there are a few things you can do to ensure even greater durability from your slippers:

  • Don't wear them outside, as the suede sole is not designed for wet or muddy environments.

  • Give them a chance to air when you're not wearing them.

There may come a time when your motties need repairing.  To get the longest life from your slippers and as part of the sustainable design of motties, you can send them back for a number of repair services.

Repairs to the outer seam stitching

This is the seam that takes the most strain and is the place that the stitching eventually tends to fail.   You can send your slippers back and have the seams re-stitched for free (although the cost of return postage is payable).


Eventually, after many miles, the soles of your motties might wear out. We can completely replace the soles and keep the original upper.  This service costs £10 plus return postage.


Replacing the woolly lining costs £10 plus return postage, and re-lining + re-soling costs £15 plus postage.


Please send an email if you'd like to order any of these services.